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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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brad and angie's divorce game-changer. >> there's many things that can go wrong. >> the new closed door deal. why brad is getting drug tested. plus the new scandalous twist. who just hired the real life hand? >> funny how that works. and how long have they been living separate lives? >> this is what ten years of marriage will do to you. >> then "e.t." is first to show you janet jackson's baby bump. now new baby bombshell straight from janet's sister. plus -- >> stand back. >> make way for this hot duck. >> my first day, first scene.
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nervous. then we're in the shower with john stamos. who is stripping down with the scream queens star now? >> not just shirtless. nude. >> and, we do the time warp with the stars. rocky horror remake. ? now this is "entertainment tonight." brad pitt drug tested as's battles back against angelina's p.r. attack. cameron mathison initia nischelle turner with me. >> we're tacking after she filed for divorce last week. the jolie-pitt, fact or fiction. did brad and angie reach a temporary custody agreement? that's true. >> "e.t." has confirmed that angelina and brad have agreed to a temporary deal. here's what we've learned. angelina would get full physical custody of their six children, and brad is subject to random
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brad would be allowed visitation rights but a therapist must be present during that first visit. brad and angelina both have to go through individual counseling sessions and the couple, along with their six children, will have to complete family counseling. this is just a temporary deal. things could change. >> so what's the impact of this agreement? we asked attorney robert wallach. >> it's important to remember that we're at the very beginning of this case. so as far as impact goes, the only impact is starting a little bit ahead of brad at the very beginning of the custody talks. >> a source close to the jolie-pitt child custody dispute told "e.t." pitt voluntarily took a drug test as a preemptive strike. pitt was supposed to walk the red carpet wednesday night for the new documentary voyage of time. he's the film's narrator. >> the universe, billions of years in the making. >> pitt backed out, referencing his divorce drama. in a statement, quote, i'm
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situation and don't want to distract attention away. next rumor, did angelina reach out to the real-life olivia pope? yep. "e.t." has confirmed that angelina has been consulting with p.r. crisis manager judy smith. >> there's always a crisis. i mean there's no shortage of it. >> smith, of course, is a real life inspiration for carrie washington's character on scandal. >> you and i walk out of here. >> we want the show to be as real as possible. >> the advised many other celebrities, including paula dean, monica lewinsky, and kobe bryant. as a co-exclusive producer on scandal, she helps carrie understand the role. >> it's a tough job with very high expectations and a lot of intrigue and a lot of strategic thinking. >> and we're learning more about angelina's inner circle. >> angelina's two closest friends right now are ar minka hellish and chloe dalton,
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her on human rights issues around the world. angie doesn't make any decisions without these two. a source close to the pitt jolie situation says that the two women advising angelina have been fueling the aggressive approach against brad since the beginning. >> now, back to the rumors. one report claims angelina asked for an open marriage and that she wants to move the family to britain, where she can be the next princess diana. >> i understand you're actually >> i'm not answering that tonight. >> open marriage, you know, let's boil that down to just a juicy headline. as for politics, what we're told today is that angelina's global ambitions are just part of the couple's current problems. you know, as u.n. special envoy for refugees for the past four years, angelina has things she wants to do and no one is saying that's wrong. would she move to england? that would be one of the possible reasons why she filed for sole physical custody.
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angelina has blocked all of brad's texts and calls and that he was willing to take a lie detector test to prove he didn't have an affair. >> there's no real way to know that this is true unless you're brad or angelina. but clearly this couple is not on good terms right now. this divorce is already heated, and it will just get worse if they don't settle this privately and quietly. >> now, one that many are questioning is that angelina is being consoled by johnny depp. >> i think this report came about because thewo co-stars in the tourist, and it's a great headline, but they do have the same high powered divorce lawyer, laura wasser. naomi watts and liev schreiber, "e.t." was first to break the news the couple has separated after 11 years together. >> you hate seeing that happen. on to a war between couples playing out on tv. "dancing with the stars" eliminated rick perry this week, and we were with the crew on and off the set.
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emma. ? >> i probably lasted a week longer than i thought i would if you know the truth of the matter. i just had a really good instructor. >> despite his dismissal, rick and emma have more rehearsals planned. >> she's going to help on the foxtrots and we're going to do my daughter's wedding. so she's still not through teaching me. >> i've goat your back. >> as for rick's unlikely romance with vanilla too will continue outside the ballroom. they are already making plans to hang out. >> the experience that i had was amazing. it was 30 days of make something great fans that will last now for the rest of my life. >> also leaving the ballroom, head judge len goodman, "e.t." has learned he will be gone until the season finale. len is the head judge of the british version of the show but promises to keep an eye on things from across the pond. >> i'm going to be well informed
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that it's a ballroom dancing competition. it's not all about razzle-dazzle. >> but when it comes to who will take home the coveted mirror ball, rick and emma are rooting for her real life boyfriend. >> sasha, sasha, sasha. >> we're kind of for sasha and terra. terra is a good texas girl. >> emma and sasha are in our homes every week. now they've given "e.t." an exclusive invite into their home. >> hello, "e.t." >> welcome to our house. >> come on ? >> i was like oh, my gosh. i didn't even go inside. >> the second we walked in, it was like this is our home. >> we just love the fairy tail look of the house, and it reminds me of handle and gretel. >> the couple moved into the 1,600 square foot home in august. >> right here is where all the choreography comes together. >> oh, we've already choreographed all our routines in this room.
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hideaway is also a hangout for their "dancing with the stars" cast mates. >> we've had derek and hailey over the most. >> they love the house. it's cool to come here after rehearsals or whatever we're doing, just to chill, especially outside. >> emma is from england, and sasha was born in russia but grew up in australia. they met on broadway and have been dating for five years. >> everybody at "dancing with the stars" having babies, getting >> marriage is definitely in the cards. it's just there's no time at the moment. we're so busy. maybe soon. one day, tomorrow, next week, who knows? >> we talk about it. it's definitely -- >> in the cards. >> yeah. >> as for james hinchcliffe and sharna burgess, they've been spending their spare time at the races. james' pro partner sharna becomes the student, getting schooled on the track. >> i'm hoping that she's asner
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>> the indy car driver and his partner gave "e.t." a grand tour between the pair sped around the sew mona raceway, reaching speeds of 165 miles per hour. >> wow. that was fun. >> you have no idea how fast you're going until you're actually just look out in front of you and you're like brakes, brakes, james, brakes, brakes. >> what was that like for you, that experience? >> it was amazing. it was the craziest, most awesome experience. i was terrified before it, and then after it, i was on an adrenaline high. i wanted to keep going around the track. >> now she knows how i feel before and after a dance. it's exactly the same thing. >> now there's an update on those two protesters who stormed
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they were officially charged this week on several trespassing-related charges and they're set to be arraigned on tuesday. the maximum penalty that they could get is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. coming up, i'm getting jennifer aniston's husband justin to spill secrets about their relationship. >> it sound oz simple, but it's true. >> then behind the scenes of ben affleck's strange new role. he even when you' tak you try to put on a brave face. but inside, the symptoms linger. in fact, 2 out of 3 people taking an antidepressant may still experience unresolved symptoms. when added to your current antidepressant... rexulti (brexpiprazole) has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression. it may help you feel better...
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i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. we took lifelong pasta experts and gave one prego traditional and one ragu traditional. this is what happened. that's because even ragu users prefer the taste of prego traditional two-to-one. . >> why would your clients follow you? you're an accountant. we have to go to the police. >> ben affleck has played a leading man, an action hero, and a gangster. but this time he's playing an accountant. hey, who said accountants aren't sexy too, right? we have your first look behind the scenes of his unusual role in this wild new thriller. >> i guess i just thought this was something that was really original, you know, which is a
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unique elements and to be genuinely surprising. >> that's ben behind the scenes, badder than batman and taking on the role no one saw coming. >> i have difficulties socializing with other people even though i want to. >> ben plays christian wolfe. he's a cpa who often cooks and then uncooks the books for some of the world's most dangerous criminals. but the mild-mannered math genius has a secret. >> look at this. look. it jumps right out at you. >> he's pigeon holed, yet we find out he's capable of so many things. >> despite the role's complexity, ben looked happy and upbeat on location. john lithgow and anna kendrick co-star. she plays a young star. >> i have a pocket protector. >> that's a nice one. he can barely look at me in some
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but ben finds a way to make the oddities so charming. >> why would your client follow you? you're an accountant? >> she's one of my favorite actresses. she's an awesome girl and an awesome actress and she's perfect in this part. she's this kind of awkward counterpoint. >> sarcasm? is that sarcasm? >> i don't use sarcasm. >> really it's a movie about how he has to reconcile his past with who he is now. >> girl on the train, i sat down with stars emily blunt and justin theroux to talk about their anticipated thriller. >> what makes you and jennifer so good together? >> oh, boy. i don't know. i think we appreciate each other's sense of humor. we respect one another, and we get along, you know. i mean it sounds simple, but it's true. >> what makes john perfect for you? >> i knew you were going there.
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he's funny and warm and bright and confident. >> this four som has been friends for at least five years, which made it pretty easy for justin and emily to be co-stars in the girl on the train, the thriller based on the massive worldwide best-seller. >> let me tell you, emily plays crazy obsessed so good in this. and towas pregnancy, but she couldn't keep it a secret from her buddy, j justin. >> justin knew because he's my friends. he pulled me aside, like are you pregnant? i was like yes. >> all she would do is get up off the floor and kind of run just like five or ten feet, and she was like, no, i don't want to twist my hip or something. an injury? i'm like you were throwing tom
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of tomorrow. later that day we went back to my place and she was not having a cocktail. i was like, are you pregnant? she was like, shhh. >> you're a good secret keeper. >> i'm the vault. >> everything is safe with justin. now, emily and john, they're not bad at keeping secrets either because they welcomed their second child, a baby girl, and we've never seen her. we're waiting for that first photo. on the way, rob lowe to the rescue. we are with tv's doctor. >> this is my first day, first scene, first rescue. then which ncis star is already starting a prank war against wilmer valderrama. and we're are first on the set of the new mac giever with
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oh, my goodness. did you see this? rob lowe stripping off his shirt and surprising stephen colbert on his show.
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on the season premiere of code black. now, i was there as dr. lowe tried to save his first life. this is officially day number one. >> my first day, first scene, first rescue. >> oh, boy. >> and action! >> does it feel like the first day of school? >> i can't compare it to anything because my first take is jumping out of a helicopter. there are jet engines blowing fans. there are two bodies on the beach. there's 30 extras. it's overwhelming. >> man down! >> it's rob lowe to the rescue. >> he's losing too much blood. he's not going to make it back unless we stabilize him right here. >> rob made his debut as military dr. ethan willis, and we caught his very first mission, trying to save a shark attack victim. >> somebody get her away, please. stand back. >> rob got a crew cut for the role and some pretty intensive training.
7:20 pm
of your own? >> it was classes. four or five different trauma cases set up, and we would all rotate through them. so there was sutures would be one. another would be how to intubate someone. the other would be how to put in a chest line. >> have you ever done this before? >> on a pig. >> a pig? >> it works. should work. >> as i'm walking down the beach, i don't see the pitch fork in my hand and i impale >> i could save you. i'm learning some stuff on code black. i've got your back if you need a heimlich. here's another guy who can turn a few heads. wilmer valderrama. he's been doing it since he was a happy-go-lucky teen on that 70s show, but now he's gone all tough guy on ncis. you said getting on this show was like parachuting onto a moving train. >> i felt like daniel craig. i landed and i didn't fall off
7:21 pm
going. >> sure, wilmer can be all 007 with his action scenes. >> we're on the same side. >> but does he have what it takes to fill michael weatherly's shoes? he definitely does. he also brings a little comic relief. >> what did i miss. >> as for agent gibbs. >> are you coming? >> doesn't seem intimidated. >> i'm not much of a letter guy. >> he plays a field agent emerging from a mysterious deep cover assignment. >> do you even know a lot about him yet? >> i'm here with my amazing cast. >> hi. >> hi. >> behind the scenes, wilmer brings the fun to this cast and the fact that he looks like this shirtless makes us happy to say welcome aboard. you said everybody has been really nice, but what if i told you there may be a prank lot
7:22 pm
them. it has to be emily. >> maybe i'll do something to wilmer's trailer. >> she think she's very slick, but i see it coming. for real, though. >> you're a deep cover agent. you find out. >> i will find out. >> oh, emily, i'm so, sorry sorry. i didn't mean to spill the beans. look, it's just the circle of life. coming full circle. emily was michael weatherly a victim a lot of time. now she's just passing the seasons, i was told they've had some pretty epic pranks. now to a show that lasted for seven seasons, mcguyver. it is back on tv. the show made a star out of richard dean anderson in the '80s, and we were first on the set with the new guy filling his secret agent shoes. >> i love richard dean anderson's mullet.
7:23 pm
photocopied his mullet on to me. >> he gave this subtle nod to the original, but this shower scene remains our favorite of the 26-year-old. >> you want to call me a sex symbol, that's up to you, man or someone else. i definitely can't admit to that myself. oh, yeah, i'm single, man. i'm single. >> that's nikki carpenter. no one is better on a keyboard. >> lucas may guyver, but when we visited the set, we found hollywood's newest romance is building up between lucas and george ahe's. >> he said he was glad to meet somebody as crazy as he was. >> he looks after me and makes sure i don't die. he uses the gun because mcguyver doesn't use guns. >> i told him i hope we keep getting along.
7:24 pm
years from now, shaking each other's necks. we're ready for you? oh, yeah, let's go. >> you got 30 minutes. after that, i'm crashing the party. >> lucas has been re-watching the original series, and some of those episodes are pretty memorable. >> technically i would have been 2 years old when the original ended. now, no, i remember. the episode i remember the most when i was the kid with the ant people. it was scary. >> and as for those action scenes, lucas has this look alike stunt guy, but he actually likes to take on a lot of the danger himself. >> why would i do something like that, to save the day? because i'm mcguyver. >> lots of action in that one. by the way, the original was produce the by henry winkler, and he's producing this one too.
7:25 pm
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by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, amy schumer's major kiss cam pda. when the camera landed on the comedian at last week's game, amy gave her dad a sweet kiss before ben hanisch. number four, naomi watts and liev schreiber call it quits. quote, the best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple. we look forward to raising our children together. >> how much fun are you having putting on a tuxedo and coming here tonight. >> cam spoke with liev two weeks ago at the emmys.
7:29 pm
>> number three, britney's flip failed at flipped out fans. ? this week in london at the apple music festival, wait for it. bam! yep, brit backed out of a lift last minute. twitter lit up with fan freakouts and some gifs. this one captioned when every heart of the entire britney army just stopped for a second. brit later explained. >> i freaked out. i put my hand up and there was a new gu it? >> no. it was first time to catch my back, though. >> oh, right. >> and i couldn't do it. i should have felt more confident. number two, janet jackson pregnant at 50. the first shots. ? the mom to be put an end to rumors she hired a surrogate on tuesday at a high-end london boutique. sister latoya janet confirmed janet has been told to reduce
7:30 pm
around early november, and it doesn't look like she's having twins. and the number one story this week, brad pitt drug tested. a source close to his child custody dispute with angelina jolie tells "e.t." brad voluntarily took the test before reaching a temporary custody agreement. >> here's what we've learned. angelina would get full physical custody of their six children, and brad is subject to random drug and alcohol testing. brad would be allowed visitation rights but during that first visit, a therapist must be the latest. >> i will see them again. do you understand me? >> deepwater horizon is out this weekend and it stars kate hudson kurt russell and mark wahlberg. mark wahlberg is working on the fifth installment of transformers. >> i'm not sure how, but cameron is there of course.
7:31 pm
>> transformers 5, baby. >> action! [ gunfire ] >> between the two of you, who's better? >> wahlberg, absolutely. >> i can bring the heat because i have a full military suit behind me. >> on work ethics, the edge also goes to wahlberg. >> he gets up every morning and plays 18 holes of speed golf. when we started the movie, i was like i'm going to come and do that with you. w and work out. then we go play at 5:00. you know what, i'll catch you on the weekend. >> for josh's recent round of legendary saint andrews, not speed golf for sure. >> you had a little trouble in the sand trap. >> i was thinking these bunkers can't be that hard to get out of. seven shots later, i couldn't get out of the sand trap. >> josh is spending about two months in england as he returns to the transformers franchise.
7:32 pm
it's amazing to watch michael work first of all because he thinks in ways that i can't even imagine. >> fergie and their 3-year-old axle are also here. josh being the coolest dad in the universe. >> everybody that i talk to, whether it's on the street or at work or whoever, he thinks that they help me find the deseptember cons. it's his question. >> josh and cameron charted during an art walk in east london, a creative street artists. >> that's good. >> josh actually looked quite at home adding to this amazing labyrinth of painted walls and alleyways for good reason. >> i've been into art my whole life. it was something i did as a kid. i drew. you know, i thought about even being a cartoonist. >> and our guide, street artist gregory simpson, says it's all on the up and up. >> hey, man, you like what i do? can i paint it on your wall?
7:33 pm
>> watching him with a sprain can, i'm thinking to myself, if axel had that. >> he would be covered in paint. >> back on the set with mark wahlberg, it gets crazy. it's raining and there are helicopters everywhere. but what's even crazier, mark's traveling gear. >> what is like something that you must have with you? what's like the one thing that you make sure you have with you when you travel? >> right now, my workout equipment and i've got my rotiss chicken. i've got a blender, a hot plate so i'm making eggs in the morning. at 3:00 in the morning, the kitchen is closed. then i got my clubs. >> josh duhamel back in the mix. he told me that you get up every day around 3:30. you work out. you do a speed round of golf before coming to work. >> i put on a lot of weight for that movie. when michael saw me, he was freaked out. i promised i would be in shape. >> life hasn't been too rough on the road for mark, and there are some perks.
7:34 pm
buckingham palace. we had a private tour of the palace. >> really? >> transformers is not out until next summer. big machines, good-looking men. pretty good to me. >> i think we already bought our tickets and lined up. up next, we're on the set of criminal minds after the recent cast shake-up. shem ar moore, gone. tom is gibson, fired. >> some big shoes to fill. >> can this magic mike and csi miami hunk fill the void? you have that big grin on your face, so it must be pretty good. >> only "e.t." is with adam lambert as he rocks out behind the scenes at the rocky horror picture show remake. >> how sexy is this going to be?
7:36 pm
7:37 pm
i'm on the job. >> drop your weapon. >> i'm with the fbi. >> we know who you are. lower your gun. >> season 12 of criminal minds some major shake-ups. thomas gibson is gone after he was fired amid a clash behind the scenes. sexy shem ar moore, he's gone too. but enter adam rodriguez. a whirlwind of change on that set. >> do it again, glen. like you mean it. >> gibson was on set the day we visited. the altercation with a writer didn't take place until a week later. he appeared on the season premiere episode and cbs confirms he'll be on this coming week as well. but they won't reveal how his character departs.
7:38 pm
i need to chase. >> as new comer agent al vez, adam has to replace the hunk factor shem ar left behind. >> some big shoes to fill. >> has anyone given you the what for yet for magic mike? >> he's given you a little needling. >> a little bit. you know, you can always tell when somebody brings it up. you know, it's usually one of the girls that will go like -- it's actually funny when one of the dudes bring you up. saw you in >> adam is one sharp dressed man in the new issue of cbs watch magazine and he's off the market. he and grace gail married in may, and baby number two is on the way. freshly married life. >> freshly married life is fantastic. i've never been happier. >> for adam, it's a cbs homecoming. he spent ten seasons on csi miami. >> i mean this is such a different way of going after bad guys every week, you know. it's so much more cerebral than it is about scientific evidence. >> but let's face it.
7:39 pm
than just hunt down those criminals. >> i'm always up for a little romance. >> yeah? >> yeah. i think it's part of life. it makes things fun. >> can we make this happen script writers, please? thank you. >> still waiting on the love. let's do a little empire news. we cannot wait to see mariah carey episode on the fox hit. but miss mimi is also hanging out with her co-star off the set. she and jussie smollett are now set for multiple thanksgiving week concerts in hawaii, and mariah. i mean mainly with mariah, but i'll be there too. it was supposed to be one night only. that sold out in a couple of hours and they added a second show. that sold out. now we're going to do three shows. >> a fun way to get your gobble, gobble on. but before turkey day, it's halloween. and just in time on october 20th is the premiere of the rocky horror picture show on fox. i am excited for this one. remember the original?
7:40 pm
tongue to not break into song. well, now the 1975 cult musical hit is being re-imagined, and only carly steel was invited to watch singer adam lambert take his place in rocky horror history. >> quiet, please. here we go. action! ? let's do the time warp again ? ? let's do the time warp again ? >> how >> well, i'm starring in it, so it has to be really sexy. >> they've given you like a kind of elvis, punk elvis with a bit of zombie going on. >> yeah. you know, he got half of his brain removed. >> yeah. >> it's a transle veinian convention hosted by mad scientist frank-n-furter, originally tim curry and in fox's re-imagining, laverne cox.
7:41 pm
eddie, singing hot pa tutty. >> what ever happened to saturday night? >> this time adam lambert nails it. ? >> the jump was pretty awesome. >> i did kind of a -- he's a horn dog. he's nasty. >> it's a sequence the director shot all night long. >> we haven't been to bed. >> eddie's grouppy columbia is -- >> any bruises? >> i have a disgusting bruise. >> it matches your hair. ? >> a young susan sarandon and barry bostwick played the original couple. janet and brad are now.
7:42 pm
>> oh, brad. ? oh brad ? >> janet. >> scott. >> janet. >> scott. >> oh, yeah. rocky, the mad doctor's creation. >> this is the only industry where my job interview requires me dance. ? let's do the time warm again ? >> you know the old time lyrics. >> just a jump to the left? ? >> put your hands on your head. ?
7:43 pm
that was fabulous. musical theater. do love it. of course we talked to the original eddie, meatloaf, about adam lambert's portrayal. meatloaf is gearing up to celebrate a milestone. the 40th anniversary of his hit album "bat out of hell." to celebrate, the 69-year-old just released some new music. we talked about that and his recent health scare this summer. >> it was nothing. it was dehydration, and that's all it was. in june after he collapsed during a show in canada, and he doesn't get what all the fuss was about. >> i have no idea. there's so many other things more important in the world than meat loaf. trust me, i know. ? >> next year, it will be 40 years since meat loaf's bat out of hell made its debut, selling over 43 million copies worldwide. but what does he remember most
7:44 pm
>> now meat loaf just released his 13th studio album, "braver than we are." >> my wife says you need to slow down. when i started this record, she didn't want me to, but i knew i had to. >> and does the musical legend have any advice for adam lambert stepping into his shoes? >> i talked to adam. i've given him advice. he should. anybody who can get onstage and sing freddy mercury songs, you know he's an unbelievable singer because freddy mercury was, i think, the best rock singer in history. still to come, why john stamos can't keep his clothes on. >> i haven't done a lot of that, even shirt off stuff hasn't been my thing. >> really, john? wait until you see what we uncovered.
7:45 pm
house one of her famous co-stars convinced her to do scream queens. >> oh, my god, he's going to love you. he's going to this. first, this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winner appeared on "the tonight show" at age 9. is it brie larson, even when you're taking an antidepressant... you may still be struggling with depression. but inside, the symptoms linger. in fact, 2 out of 3 people taking an antidepressant may still experience unresolved symptoms. when added to your current antidepressant... rexulti (brexpiprazole) has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression. it may help you feel better... without giving up the progress you may have made with your current antidepressant. rexulti is not for everyone.
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set of scream queens. >> that man is not afraid to show some skin on season 2. lee ann aguilera got a lot of steamy scoop from john on the set. >> what are you doing? >> uh, showering. >> i said why don't we try to show some butt in this show. it hasn't been done on tv in a while. they're like, yeah, john, we don't want to see your butt. >> agree to disagree on that one. john's first ever nude scene sets heart and brace yourselves, he's doing it again. only this time he's in the locker room with co-star glen powell. >> you check off two boxes on the dateable guy check list. guess what. i checked those two. >> i haven't done a lot of that even shirt off stuff. that hasn't been my thing. >> they didn't have that on ""fuller house"? >> no, no, no. >> we're calling you out on that one, john. we've seen plenty of shirtless pics, not that we're complaining or anything. and that thing about his back
7:49 pm
>> hi. i'm dr. brock holt. i went to harvard. >> as scream queens newest cast member, john joins the comedy in its second season. set in a hospital run by jamie lee curtis's doctor, there's a brand-new killer on the loose, and john is a hot but creepy surgeon with a secret. >> which hand is the possessed one? >> not that one. it's this one. >> i'm the reen donor. and, you know, his hand starts getting a little crazy on date night. >> sorry. sorry. >> they find out that it is indeed the hand of a serial killer. so i could be a suspect. >> i was doing so well on my other show. i played a grandfather. now i've got this. >> near as we can tell from all the social media posts, what he's got is the most fun on a set we've ever seen.
7:50 pm
>> i've never got to do some of these things i'm doing as this character. you just sort of do them, and you go, is it okay if i -- i just punched a cadaver, is that all right? >> if someone were to tell you during your e.r. days that you would be on scream queens playing a doctor who has a possessed hand -- >> well, i was on general hospital when i was 18. they had teleprompters because it was 90 pages a day because it was a soap they would be liover here. i would like, you make me so mad. sneak the look over there. the general hospital set, you don't remember, but it was my first job. here i am back in a hospital. well, i'm not too young to know john in those g.h. days with a lot of ladies that i know going like this. >> yes, indeed. >> absolutely. scream queens is shot on the famous paramount studios lot in hollywood.
7:51 pm
kirstie alley. >> we talked to kirstie about coming back to prime time. one of her famous co-stars convinced her to take the role. >> i called my friend john travolta because he's worked with ryan murphy. john had just finished doing the o.j. series. >> when producer ryan murphy called to offer kirstie the job, all she needed was a little push from john to say yes. >> john said, oh, my god, you will love him. you will worship him. you will -- and i go, well oh, my god, he's going to love. he's going to this. and so then when ryan called, i was very flattered, and i was excited, and here i am. >> are you okay? >> i'm going to be feeling great in about 15 minutes. >> fill us in a little bit about the nurse? >> that's even hard to say. >> that's one of the best last names in tv history.
7:52 pm
something. >> that's hilarious. i just registered that your name sounds like awful. >> as one of the new recruits on scream queens, kirstie is the brilliant but devious hospital administrator. the comedy has a new killer on the loose, and anyone can be a suspect or a victim. >> we're filming episode 6 so far. we know you make it this far. >> i make it this far. but there's always room to find someone who can. >> i was mean. >> what did you think of the tap into that wicked side? >> well, that's not really -- >> playing mean may have come easy to her, but there's one thing kirstie says she still needs to work on. her timing. >> so i'm learning to speak quickly because there's a lot of dialogue that you need to say quickly. >> i'm an advanced practice
7:53 pm
mark. >> another added bonus to the new gig, it reunites kirstie with jamie lee curtis, who she met 37 years ago. >> when i first moved to los angeles and i wasn't an actress, and i needed money desperately, and i went on the match game, and jamie lee was on the panel of stars. >> some things are just impossible, like a drill sergeant asking venus demilo to blink. >> salute. >> i do remember i was walking down the hall and she said hi. and i was like hi. i have the same feeling now. hi. >> of course we had to ask kirstie if she's been watching another show this season, "dancing with the stars," but she said she's just watching "the voice" instead. there you go. >> she did wish her former
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
travel considerations provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. julie andrews is 81. kelly ripa celebrating turning 46. and sting is 65. choices. which oscar winner appeared on "the tonight show" at age 9? that is brie larson, who is 27 this weekend. she once appeared in a sketch with johnny carson. happy birthday, brie. monday on "e.t." we're with george and amal clooney on date night. plus "e.t." hits up hawaii with the hilarious kevin hart and. >> he's kind of like my soul mate. >> bindi irwin's first
7:57 pm
whether we're engaged. >> that's monday. we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website >> before we go, check out the new video from hailee steinfeld. the actress and singer performed this song on tour with meghan trainor. >> super fun. enjoy it and the rest of your
7:59 pm
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